“O would thy heart but be a manger for His birth! God would once more become a child on earth” Unknown

As I traverse this lifetime, I am surer than ever that the Christ I know dwells in me and always has. The Christ I speak of is the Son of God, the King of Kings, the Matrix, the Source, the Field, the Creator and every other highest name under heaven. Though I may have little historical proof of His earthly existence, I am not deterred, in knowing in my heartfelt belief that He is manifested in me and me in Him. Together we are one in spirit, mind, and body. He is my world, and I am His. There is no god before or after Him. He is the Word and the Word dwells in me. Call it my imagination if you so wish, but oh what a beautiful imagining it is. What a more magnificent world it would be if each of us believed this about ourselves and when we looked at each other we saw the face of Jesus, the face of love.  

  • Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light. Ephesians 5:14
  • You did not choose me, I have chosen you. John 15:16
  • Believe that ye receive and ye shall receive. Mark 11:24

May the season of Christmas remind us of who we are and that we live and breathe because its is He who lives in us all. Let us all awake!

Blessings, Robert C. Morgan”Bobby” Morgan


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