Holiday Unconsciousness… Is It The Food? It’s The Family? Is It Me?

Being conscious and living in a spirit of love and light is not always as easy to maintain as you would think. Here it is Christmas again and with it being the season of good cheer you would think to be conscious, loving, kind, understanding, patient, gentle, forgiving and experiencing all the other benefits of consiouness should be easier.  And yes, during most days during the Christmas season, I can maintain a higher state of consciouses, but for me, some really tough moments seem to always arise when I interact with certain individual family members, yikes, these guys really know how to kick my butt, what happened to my being and awakened person?

Hmmm, seasonal unconsciousness, now that’s something to think about, maybe I just have too much time on my hands.

Oh well,  even with  Christmas carols playing on the radio stations and festive lights adorning the neighborhood homes and stores there are still moments when I feel like I have been run over by Mannheim Steamroller after being with these certain family members, Yes, it’s true I find myself entering into a lower vibratory state.  Uh, I use to describe the lower vibratory state, my state of unconscious as my being a little irritated, frustrated, anxious, intolerant impatient, ect., you probably know what I mean. Now I just kind of wrap all of those negative feelings into one bundle and attribute them to my being in that low vibrational state we identify as spiritual unconsciousness.

There’s got to be a reason for my actions, my unconsciousness. Maybe it’s all the junk food I’m eating, sugar and spice really are not nice, and the extra ten pounds I have already gained since Thanksgiving is not helping with my stress and anxiety.  Ok, wake up, it’s time to stop eating like a starving little piggy and get back to your healthy habits. My gosh how easy it is to fall into unconsciousness when you have immersed your brain in eggnog.

What could be wrong? Really my consciousness should be shining, I have extra to celebrate this Christmas, we just moved into our new house, small, lovely and freshly painted. Yep freshly painted. Youch,  I know better than to move directly into a house that’s been freshly painted with VOC paint. I have a degree in  Naturopathic Medicine, I’m educated about this sort of thing, right? RIGHT!
Must be all the sugar and spice affecting my consciousness and ability to make good decisions.  Now my whole family will have to deal with the cognitive health problems associated with the VOC’s in the paint, and I will have to even work harder to be conscious throughout the year. By the way, I’m feeling a little dizzy, and I just forgot what I was writing about.  Cumulative effect?
At the beginning of 2016, I made a commitment to keep my cell phone away from my head, so I bought earphone with a mic built in. Unfortunately, I only used this contraption a few times, so I am undoubtedly suffering from the negative effects of long-term radiation exposure; which makes me angry and resentful, both of which I feel guilty about, thus causing me to spiral once again into a state of negative talk and a lower vibratory state. Oh man what next!
Well, I’m glad we can poke fun at ourselves, for me, recognizing my humanity with all its bumps, bruises and scars really help to keep things perspective and enables me to more easily come up out of my small view of my state of consciousness.
Wishing all of you the happiest of Holidays, A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. Blessings,
Robert “Bobby” Morgan

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